15th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics

28-30 November 2018 - Cusco, Peru


Peru’s history spans over more than 5000 years. It is one of the most culturally and environmentally diverse lands on the planet and an ideal destination for memorable vacations. You have the chance to savor its exquisite food, enjoy its art and discover places where you can enjoy a time of peace and pleasure. Its countless natural wonders and the archaeological monuments of its ancient cultures will welcome you. For more tourist information, please visit the Official Travel and Tourism Portal: www.peru.travel/en-us

Peru is located in the western part of South America.
Its territory borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile.

The official language is Spanish, although a significant number of Peruvians speak several native languages, the most common being Quechua, followed by Aymara, among others.

There are direct and stop-over flights to Lima from the main capitals of the world. Airplanes depart every day from the International Jorge Chavez Airport, in Lima, to the City of Cusco. Approximate flight time is 1 hour and 20 minutes. There are up to 427 weekly flights.

Peruvian cuisine, considered one of the most privileged in the world, inherited from history its ingenuity, its crossbreeding and its flavor. The fusion of its cuisine is due to the cultural exchange through time, where Spanish, African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian immigrants stand out. The variety of their dishes was born as the mixture grew or as the migrants arrived at the port of Callao.

Electrical current
The electrical current in Peru is 220 volts and 60 Hz. Outlets are manufactured primarily for two flat or round pin plugs.

Local time
The official Peruvian time is TMG -5.

(51) Peru Code
(1) Lima Code
(84) Cusco Code
Long distance calls can be made from hotel rooms and international payphones. Prepaid phone cards may be available at the hotel reception desk. Please note that all charges for personal calls made from hotel rooms must be paid by users. To make international calls, dial 00 + country code + area code + phone number.

All those participating in the Global Forum of Tourism Statistics should have an international health insurance policy prior to their arrival in Peru.

There are no mandatory vaccines for entry into Peru. Should you wish to visit the Amazonian region of the country, the Ministry of Health recommends vaccinations against yellow fever. The vaccination against yellow fever must be administered at least 10 days before the date of travel to be effective.

To prevent altitude sickness, which can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting and difficulty breathing, try to rest the day before the start of the event, drink coca tea and plenty of water. It is also recommended to avoid heavy meals.

Official currency and exchange rate
The Peruvian currency unit is the "Sol" (S/ or PEN). Peruvian coins have the following denominations: 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 sol, 2 soles and 5 soles. The banknotes are issued in the following denominations: 10, 20, 50,100 and 200 soles.
Currency exchange is possible at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco, as well as at banks, exchange offices and hotels in Cusco.

Rate of the day (April 12 2018) is S/ 3.24 PEN/US. Note: The dollar exchange rate can change its price each day. The following link shows the exchange rate of the day: http://e-consulta.sunat.gob.pe/cl-at-ittipcam/tcS01Alias.

All purchases in Peru are taxed with 18% Sales Tax (IGV).

In Peru, tips are voluntary. It is customary to give 10% of the total value of consumption in bars and restaurants. These establishments usually include this percentage in the invoice, with the customer's consent.


+ 51-84-240313 | 51-84-227211

Peru Police - Cusco

+ 51-84-257359 | 51-84-248634

Cusco City Council Citizen Security

+ 51-84-221118

Alejandro Velasco Astete
International Airport

+ 51-84-222611

Regional Directorate
of Foreign Trade and Tourism

+ 51-84-223701

Regional Hospital of Cusco

+ 51-84-231640 | 51-84-231131

Essalud (Adolfo Guevara Velasco Hospital)

+ 51-84-234724 | 51-84-237021

Pardo Clinic

+ 51-84-229999 | 51-84-223242

San Juan de Dios Clinic

+ 51-84-231340

Cusco Clinic

+ 51-84-240645

Peruano Suiza Clinic

+ 51-84-237009 | 51-84-237168

San Jose Clinic

+ 51-84-253295 | 51-84-243367

Mac Salud Clinic

+ 51-84-582060

Cima Clinic

+ 51-84-255550 | 51-84-241636

Yellow Tulip medical service at home

+ 51-991309051


The ancient capital of the Inca Empire is a striking city, where fine examples of this civilization´s engineering and stonemasonry are present in its streets and nearby archaeological sites such as Sacsayhuaman, Puca Pucara, Kenko and Tambomachay. A day trip to the Sacred Valley and the sites of Pisac and Ollantaytambo or to the Chinchero-Maras-Moray circuit are all captivating experiences.

Location: Andes mountain range in the south of Peru.
Size: 72,104 km2.
Weather: Cusco City has a semi-dry and cold climate. The maximum temperature is 21°C (70°F) and the minimum temperature is 1°C (24°F).
Altitude: The altitude of the city of Cusco is 3.399 masl. Machu Picchu’s altitude is 2430 masl.

Machu Picchu is a mountain top Inca city that comprises temples, terraces and water channels. It was built with huge blocks of stone joined to each other without the use of any mortar.

In 1983 was designated a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO in recognition to its political, religious and administrative importance during the Inca’s period.

Its exact location is in the Machu Picchu district, province of Urubamba, 70 miles northeast of the city of Cusco. The average altitude of the citadel is 2,430 meters (7970 feet) above sea level.

More than a dozen daily flights serve the route Lima-Cusco. Approximate flying time is 45 minutes. Four daily train services depart to Machu Picchu from Poroy station, which is 20 minutes from Cusco by taxi. The train journey takes about three to four hours.

Cusco is located at 3,399 m.a.s.l. The temperature in November ranges from 7°C / 45°F to 22°C / 72°F.

For more tourist information, please visit the Official Travel and Tourism Portal www.peru.travel/en-us


Citizens from the OECD Member Countries do not require a tourist visa to travel to Peru for up to 90 or 183 days.

Some other non OECD Countries that do not require a visa under bilateral agreements and unilateral decisions are:



Argentina      Guyana

Bolivia           Honduras

Brazil            India *

China *         Jamaica

Canadá         Nicaragua

Colombia      Panamá

Costa Rica    Paraguay

Ecuador        Dominican Republic

El Salvador    Uruguay

Guatemala     Venezuela



Holders of Laissez Passer of the United Nations Organization and the Organization of American States do not require a visa to enter to Peru.

* Exemption applies for Nationals who hold a visa with a remaining validity of more than 6 months or a permanent residence permit issued by Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States or a Schengen member state.

For further reference, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru at:


If you need a visa, please visit the Directory of Peruvian Consulates overseas at www.consulado.pe/paginas/inicio.aspx